Pip and Posy 绘本 The New Friend

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资源介绍 Pip and Posy是一对典型的孩子:他们是最好的朋友(在大部分时间里),他们喜欢一起玩耍……但有时他们也像其他孩子一样,会吵闹和斗气。所以,友谊也需要交流和理解,这也是该系列的一个主题。

The New Friend 新朋友 内容简介
Pip and Posy are having a lovely day at the seaside, collecting shells and digging in the sand. But when Posy has a nap, Pip makes friends with a boy called Zac. Zac is very cool: he has lots of fun toys and beach gear, AND he's really good at handstands. So, to her dismay, when Posy wakes up, she finds that Pip is more interested in playing with Zac than her. A funny and dramatic story about working out that two's company and three's a...PARTY

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